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VeriFacts Automotive was founded in 2002 to address the implementation of technical information within the collision repair industry. Today, VeriFacts is recognized as the industry's only independent onsite quality verification service and in-shop technician assessment provider. VeriFacts is committed to identifying and exposing excellence in collision repair.

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Verified Quality “VQ” Program

A proper and safe repair requires that the vehicle be restored precisely to the manufacturer's specifications, with the methods the manufacturer requires. VeriFacts' Verified Quality (VQ) confirms that a repair facility has all the resources to achieve a safe and proper repair.

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Current Statistics*

  • VeriFacts Verifiers have performed 3.05 million coaching observations
  • We've inspected 118,765 vehicles
  • We've coached 14,046 technicians

* Statistics are based on data collected starting May 2006. Prior to May 2006, VeriFacts did not store data electronically.

Thank you to everyone that attended and supported VeriFacts Fix It Right/Fix It Smart 6th Annual Invitational Symposium! What happened over these past few days was truly profound and groundbreaking for our Industry. We would like to thank you for your caring, passionate and dedicated display of commitment to inventing a NEW future for our industry!