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Being involved in a car accident is an unnerving experience. However, dealing with the consequences, and getting your car repaired properly can be an even bigger headache.

VeriFacts centers of excellence are committed in providing quality repairs that meet standards that you expect, ensuring that you are in the best possible hands.

There are Hundreds of Approved centers that are constantly tested to ensure they meet VeriFacts criteria for finish, fit, structural integrity, safety technology and quality standards that set them apart from other repairers, giving you total peace of mind that your vehicle will be repaired to the highest possible standard.

You hold the key to verified quality in your hands

Verifacts Academy

VeriFacts Academy

VeriFacts is committed to training our members to the highest possible standard in repair with our online training courses and support.

Verifacts Verfied Quality

Quality Assured

Verifacts symbol of quality ensures that your vehicle will be restored precisely to the manufacturer's specifications and standards.


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VeriFacts is committed to providing consumers the best experience throughout the repair process.

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