Exposing Excellence In Collision Repair
Insurances Companies

VeriFacts works with Insurance providers to ensure that safe and quality repairs are completed to your insured automobile.

VeriFacts’ subscribes to the philosophy that insurers, OEMs, and repairers should work in concert for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.

In the case of the insurance carrier, our desire is to partner with you to provide excellent customer service for your policyholder leading to policy retention and excellent customer service scores.

A monthly VeriFacts coaching will ensure the vehicle of your policyholders are repaired properly, so you can rest assure that you have a happy and safe customer for many years to come.

VeriFacts is eager to offer its monthly coaching service to a carrier DRP participant. We are the only verifier of collision repair output as well as input. In fact, a case study from 10-Point Complete has proven that a VeriFacts collision repair coached shop has a higher CSI score than a non-VeriFacts collision repair coached shop. A VeriFacts coach will collect data within your DRP shops monthly through its proprietary analytics technology to enable a carrier to scorecard the overall performance of each shop within its repair network.

In addition to monthly coaching of your collision repair shops, the VeriFacts Insurance Offering includes to following services:

  • Verification Visits–Initial visits to prospective DRP shop
  • Certification Visits–Annual compliance visit to DRP shop
  • Collision Repair Network–Manage your DRP shop profile through VeriFacts CRN Tool
  • Universal Shop Locator–Connect the policyholder’s damaged vehicle with the most qualified collision repair shop
  • Technical Support–Access to VeriFacts Technical Support team as a second-line of defense for question and concerns around proper repairs.
  • Training–We tailor education seminars and on-line training around your specific needs
  • Education–As an insurance partner you will have access to the industry Guild 21 call (link to that section on website), monthly TOTM, and the VeriFacts monthly newsletter.

Please contact Sales today to learn more about how we can help you more efficiently manage your collision repair process.