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VeriFacts is committed to providing you with quality repairs every time

No one wants to be involved in an auto collision. Be more confident your vehicle is in the best hands when you take it to a VeriFacts Verified Quality repair shop.

A VeriFacts VQ shop has technicians that have been review, assessed and tested to the best repair practices available in the collision repair industry today. VeriFacts Standards of excellence, requires all members to meet equipment and quality standards that set it apart from other repair shops.

When you're choosing a collision repair center, be sure to ask whether they are VeriFacts Verified.

Every Customer of collision repair is entitled to have their vehicle...

Repaired Correctly

Restored to factory crashworthiness, so that your vehicle will perform safely in the event of another collision. VeriFacts VQ and VQ Medallion facilities are at the leading edge of repair technology.

Repaired Quickly

By utilizing the industry best practices, VQ and VQ Medallion shops deliver vehicles to customers as quickly as proper repair standards allow. This means less time out of their vehicles and lower rental bills.

Repaired Efficiently

VeriFacts VQ and VQ Medallion shops only use the appropriate repair parts and techniques to ensure that the vehicle retains its value and is not subject to unnecessary and invasive repairs.

Did you know?

VeriFacts is the only Independent Third Party Verifier of Excellence in Collision Repair.

VeriFacts only endorses one thing: Collision Repair Facilities that have proven and maintain a high level of quality. Independence means that no amount of money can buy an endorsement. Only a demonstrated ability to perform high quality repairs will earn a facility a VQ or VQ Medallion.

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Verifacts Academy

VeriFacts Academy

VeriFacts is committed to training our members to the highest possible standard in repair with our online training courses and support.

Verifacts Verfied Quality

Quality Assured

Verifacts symbol of quality ensures that your vehicle will be restored precisely to the manufacturer's specifications and standards.


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VeriFacts is committed to providing consumers the best experience throughout the repair process.

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