Exposing Excellence In Collision Repair
2020 VeriFacts Symposium Exhibitor Bonus Sessions

Exhibitor Bonus Sessions

Thursday, FEBRUARY 20th

9:00am – Salon C


Estimating Plastic Repairs

Recognizing the opportunities to profit from plastic repair


9:00am – Salon D


Technology Explosion in the Collision Repair Industry

The collision repair industry is in a transformative stage.  Learn about the latest technologies being implemented throughout collision repair, the claims process and how you can begin planning for these dynamic influences to your business operations.


10:00am – Salon C

Robaina Direct

OEM Certification & DRP Equipment Options

Bryan Robaina of Collision Repair Tools.com/Robaina Direct will be presenting new product information for OEM certified compliant tools and equipment.  Learn about the benefits of various options and choices in the industry.  Topics will include universal and fixtures based systems from Carbench International, 3D measuring, quick pull bench systems from ASTRA, the latest welding solutions from FAN / Fronius and Carbench, Robaina Direct’s OEM panel repair systems, aluminum & carbon fiber repair tool kits and complete paint department equipment solutions.  As a turnkey equipment provider, Robaina Direct is a proud sponsor of this year’s VeriFacts Symposium.  Learn more about us and our product range at:  www.CollisionRepairTools.com


10:00am – Salon D

VSG / Chief

Changing Vehicle Technology – Changing Repair Expectations . . .

Car maker trends reflect a transition from Internal Combustion Engines to Electric Vehicles and a shift to connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility, digitization and greater attention to data with every new vehicle release.  The days of “fit & finish” are no longer an axiom for our industry.  The new expectation is for a shop to be “Certified”, provide attestation that OEM Repair Procedures were followed, and that the shop and technician’s KPI’s will be documented and the data maintained in a Vehicle History File.  This presentation will share impacts of these trends and explain the choices shops need to consider as part of the new ecosystem of collision repair.


11:00am – Salon C

Auto Techcelerators

Test Drives Done Right!

Today every vehicle manufacturer from Acura to Volvo have anywhere from 7-to-17 safety systems that need to be checked and verified that they operate as designed prior to delivering a repaired vehicle back to the consumer.  By attending this session, you will be introduced to a new, patent-pending system to perform, manage, document and invoice for test drives and dynamic calibrations.


11:00am – Salon D


Mitchell Smart Glasses

The Mitchell smart glasses solution utilizes commercial smart glasses powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR Platform.  The solution gives repairers a single tool to access and utilize the resources they need to enable a proper and safe repair, during the repair, without disrupting their workflow.  Through use of extended reality, repair technicians save time by operating the glasses hands-free, using voice activation to access vehicle-specific repair procedures within their field of vision.  The solution also allows technicians to call and collaborate with other experts in real-time, right at the vehicle, and streamlines important functions such as check-in and check-out processes.