Exposing Excellence In Collision Repair

Guild 21 started at the 2012 VeriFacts Fix it Right, Fix it Smart Symposium, when Dale Delmege and collision repair leaders saw a need to recommit to serving the public.

In 2013, the collision repair industry leaders (Eric Bickett, Paul Gange, Russell Thrall III, Ron Nagy, Jill Meeuwsen, Bill Leisy, Mike Chilton, and his manager from Chilton’s Auto Body, and VeriFacts representatives) went out and enlisted the help of team leadership professors from George Mason University. Together, they developed a Hippocratic Oath for those in the collision repair industry. The Guild 21 Oath:

  • We are repairers, insurers and vehicle manufacturers who hereby declare the possibility of aligning our industry to a common vision, which puts the consumer first.
  • We stand for sweeping innovation
  • We commit to transparent customer focused solutions.
  • We are accountable to invent a radical new future where safety, efficiency and a cost-effective process are our guiding principles.

More than just developing an oath, the industry leaders of Guild 21 sought to innovate the way information is shared throughout the industry. With the use of cloud and VOIP technology, Guild 21 began holding monthly meetings with speakers in 2014. Previous speakers have been Guild 21 members who are repair and design engineers for innovative vehicle manufacturers and non-members who are experts in team development. Though it does take an hour a month, the information presented in the meetings is the latest and most valuable information a Collision Repair Leader can use.

The future of Guild 21 is bright, with new members joining every day. Collision Repair Professionals like you are the future of Guild 21. If you’d like to join, pledge the oath here and invitations to the monthly meetings will be sent to you. If you are interested in speaking for 30-45 minutes about an innovation you have developed, please email info@guild21.com with your proposed topic.