Data-driven quality assurance

With the advancements in today’s vehicles, the quality of automotive repairs is a never-ending pursuit — especially when that quality reflects on your company’s reputation as a trusted insurer.

It’s critical that your repair network delivers on your promises and does right by your customers. That’s why insurance companies choose VeriFacts Automotive to conduct rigorous verification processes.

How is our approach different? Our coaches collect enormous amounts of data, then use proprietary analytics to gauge the level of performance and quality your repair shops are delivering.

Verification not only helps ensure your current repair network is meeting your expectations. We can also identify the right shops in the right locations to support your growing customer base, as well as shops that are equipped to handle specialty vehicles or specialty methods such as aluminum, EV, carbon and more.

VeriFacts is proud to support our insurance partners with a full range of repair network services:

Customized shop locator

End-to-end network management

Coaching and training

Support for triage and additional review

Pre- and post-repair consultations

Liaison between shops, insurers and OEMs

Together, we identify the best collision repair facilities to fill gaps in your repair network and better serve your customers.