Exposing Excellence In Collision Repair
Manufactures and Dealers

Automobile manufacturers work with VeriFacts because the right repair protects the customers and the value of their vehicles.

VeriFacts has created a network of trust by exposing the excellence of collision repair facilities so that as a Vehicle Manufacturer, you can KNOW that your repair procedures are being followed. Protect your customers and protect your brand.

VeriFacts expands the network of trust by distributing manufacturer information about changing procedures rapidly. VeriFacts coaches are experts in collision repair and education, and every visit they talk to each technician in a facility about the latest industry news. Manufacturers know that information repair information and bulletins has reached the right individuals.

VeriFacts has a team of collision repair technical support experts who work with many manufacturers’ parts and safety teams to provide timely answers to real-world repair problems. A benefit of this open communication channel is that VeriFacts has helped manufacturers identify and develop many less invasive repair procedures, driving down the total cost of ownership for those vehicles.