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My Accident

 Being in an auto accident is very disruptive, to say the least. My Accident is designed for you to know how to return to life as usual with your vehicle safely repaired.

Consider printing our checklist to keep in in your car as a reminder of information to collect at the scene of an accident. Our shop locator will direct you to area repair facilities that are verified leaders of safe and proper repairs. Next steps guide you through the process and the consumer rights below direct you to proper authorities if the need arises.

VeriFacts works closely with repair shops, insurance companies and auto manufacturers with one goal in mind – for vehicles to be fixed right every time. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further assistance with YOUR accident.

Did you know?

Consumer’s Rights in the event of an Accident

You are required to carry automobile Liability Insurance (protection for the other party).
You are required to report all accidents to your insurance carrier within 20 days of the accident, if not sooner.
You are allowed to take your vehicle to an auto body repair facility of your OWN choice.
Depending on your individual insurance policy, you may be entitled to a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired.
If you have physical damage coverage on your vehicle at the time of an accident, towing to a body shop of your choice is typically covered. Towing from an accident storage yard to your body shop of choice is usually covered.