Exposing Excellence In Collision Repair
Repair Centers

VeriFacts VQ is a comprehensive quality measurement and coaching system.

From the moment a customer vehicle is entrusted to your facility, VeriFacts VQ and you work together to ensure the best possible repair. Your standard of quality excellence stays with the vehicle long after your customer drives away.

To improve shop success, VeriFacts provides many tools as part of a VQ subscription.

  • Output Coaching
  • Gap Analysis
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Quality Standards for Excellence Clinic (on-site)
  • 1-800 Tech Support Line
  • On-Site Clinics to raise understanding of technicians
  • Topic of the Month

In addition, VeriFacts can design custom packages for your multi-site operation.

Technician Support

VeriFacts’ Technical Support team offer you guidance on repair alternatives and provide information on the industry’s best practices, accumulated from years of experience in the collision repair industry.

If you have a technical question regarding a missing, incomplete or possibly inaccurate repair procedure, VeriFacts can help.

Asset Analysis

VeriFacts also collect more input data than any other provider in the collision repair industry.

If you need to know if a facility you manage or a facility you are bringing onboard has all the tools training and materials they need to succeed, invite VeriFacts to find out for you.
VeriFacts can customize questions to fit your needs, and provide you with comprehensive reporting. VeriFacts Coaches go beyond checking boxes if a tool is present; they have the training and experience to verify that the tool is being properly used and maintained.