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Your Commitment to Verified Quality Excellence

When you sign up, a VeriFacts coach will be assigned to help you succeed. The first time they visit your shop, they will perform a quality calibration to get a baseline for your existing quality culture.

Then, each month, that coach will work with your technicians to verify and improve their quality. Once your facility’s quality is verified as being consistently high, you will be invited to become a VQ facility. By becoming a VQ facility, you promise to maintain the high level of quality, and in return VeriFacts will endorse your facility’s quality.

In an analysis of over 15,000 customers, TenPoint Complete found that collision repair centers using VeriFacts Automotive’s Verified Quality (VQ) Program outperformed repair facilities that do not in the key measurements of Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), On Time Vehicle Deliver and Keeping the Customer Informed. Of particular note, the average NPS score of VeriFacts shops was 79.3% compared to an average of 75.1% for non-VeriFacts Shops.

  • Pricing that is Easy to Understand and Track
  • Prices Vary by Size of Shop and Location
  • Collision Repair Facilities work with VeriFacts because VeriFacts coaches have over 500 years of combined collision repair experience.
  • Top Insurance Companies work with VeriFacts because it helps them identify the best collision repair facilities in the area.
  • Automobile manufacturers work with VeriFacts because the right repair techniques protect their customers and the value of their vehicles.
  • Automobile Dealerships work with VeriFacts to preserve the value of cars that have been repaired in VQ and VQ Medallion shops.


Expectations of VQ Facilities

  • Have the Right Training, Tools, and Equipment
  • Produce Quality Output
  • Support Technician Craftsmanship
  • Participate in Industry Events
  • Know When to Ask for Help
  • Maintain a Culture of Learning
  • Keep Up to Date
  • Maintain High CSI Scores



Supporting Facility Success

  • Input Analysis
  • Monthly Output Coaching
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Industry Recognition (Insurer and Manufacturer)
  • Toll Free Tier II Technical Support Call Center
  • Supplemental Training Available (VeriFacts Academy)‡
  • Topic of the Month (VeriFacts TOTM)
  • VQ and VQ Medallion Shops have Higher CSI*
  • Proprietary Analytics Technology

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