Mentoring your
technician team for success

What does it take to achieve excellence in repair quality? For successful shops, it’s a combination of knowledge, skill, equipment and processes. But where do you start?

The VeriFacts coaching program fills a critical gap in the repair process — continuing education and training to keep technicians’ skills up to date with the latest materials, tools and best practices.

First, your dedicated coach conducts a quality calibration of your shop to set a baseline for your existing processes and culture. Then, the coach walks your shop on a monthly basis, reviewing in-process repairs, suggesting alternatives to improve productivity and repair outcomes, and guiding your technicians on the latest best practices.

Coaching that works with your workflow

VeriFacts coaches are experienced industry professionals who understand the flow of a busy shop, so they never interfere with productivity.
Instead work one-on-one with your staff to:


fundamentals such as panel prep, undercoating and seam sealing that extend the longevity of a repair


research and resolve complex repairs


on best practices and processes


a culture where quality comes first

Your coach also meets periodically with your staff as a group to discuss larger industry trends, such as the escalation of aluminum use in manufacturing, or safety protocols when working with EVs.

Detailed reporting and metrics allow you to measure your shop’s progress toward continuous quality improvement.