Ongoing education
made accessible

VeriFacts Automotive has long championed continuing technical education to support excellence in repair quality and consumer safety. We offer several options to make ongoing education as accessible and convenient as possible for repair shops, OEMs and insurance companies.

VeriFacts Academy

With online and in-person training sessions, VeriFacts Academy offers shop managers a convenient option to keep technicians informed on repair methods that improve their skills and efficiency, as well as to quickly bring new shop technicians up to speed.

Built on the principles of mastery learning and presented by highly credentialed VeriFacts personnel, our courses focus on learning by doing in a realistic setting. Curriculum is accessible 24/7 via computer, tablet or mobile device, and features resource-rich multimedia to aid in the learning process.

OEM training curricula

VeriFacts has also been the choice for many OEMs to oversee their learning platforms, administering the training required for shops to qualify for an OEM’s repair network.