Taking quality repair work
to the next level

Once you’ve experienced the improvements driven by VQ coaching, your shop is ready to showcase its commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement by joining the elite VeriFacts Verified Quality (VQ) Program.

Using VeriFacts’ patented technology for unbiased, consistent measurement and reporting, VeriFacts VQ certification takes the guesswork out of measuring your shop’s quality output via:

  • On-site confirmation of essential information, tools and technology
  • On-site observation of technician repair skills, methodologies and quality processes
  • Continuing, unannounced quality audits and individualized skills assessment and scoring

The program is organized into three phases:


Pre VQ

Everyone starts here for the creation of a shop profile, introduction to the program, rapport building and initial data collection.



Upon achieving above average quality scores for four consecutive months or more, a shop is considered for VQ status.


VQ Medallion

Verification of systems, processes, procedures and equipment for top performers.

Developing a culture of efficiency and proper repairs

The VeriFacts VQ Certification program is a partnership with your shop to verify that customers are getting a properly repaired vehicle, using the proper equipment, parts, repair methods and execution of repair techniques.

Our goal is to educate shops and employees on proper repairs so that your customers are satisfied and have a safe vehicle returned to manufacturer specification.

Your VQ Certification package includes:

  • A Launch Clinic to provide an overview to everyone in the shop about why VeriFacts is visiting and how we’re here to help.
  • Monthly visits from your VeriFacts coach to review in-process repairs and identify areas of opportunity for continuously improvement.
  • Comprehensive monthly reports to monitor overall quality levels:
    • Historical performance reporting
    • Employee-level performance
    • Critical KPIs like touch time, cycle time, and work in progress
  • One on-site Topic Clinic per year, based on management input and your shop’s specific needs, to educate employees on industry developments such as evolving technologies and repair methods around electrification.
  • Opportunities to stay informed on the latest industry conversations and trends with invitations to the VeriFacts Symposium, Guild 21 webinars and regular topic of the month discussions.

VeriFacts works with a variety of OEMs in multiple areas, such as administering OEM Certification programs and developing training content, so you also have access to the experts as programs evolve and vehicle technology becomes more complex.

Performing at the highest level

Independent research* shows that repair facilities participating in the VQ Program outperformed other shops in key customer metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). VQ certified shops achieved an average NPS score of 79.3% compared to 75.1% for non-certified shops.

*Source: TenPoint Complete analysis of 15,000+ customers

Average NPS score achieved by
VQ certified shops

Average NPS score achieved by
non-certified shops