Exposing Excellence In Collision Repair
Coach and Technicians

If you attended SEMA 2019, we hope you had a busy, successful show. Thank you for visiting with VeriFacts Automotive during the show. If we weren’t able to connect at SEMA, we have lots of news to share!

VeriFacts Automotive, which provides the highest level of collision repair process consulting services across North America, introduced an expanded offering of coaching, evaluation, verification and OEM certification services at the 2019 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Today, VeriFacts Automotive provides skilled coaching and verification services for thousands of collision repair facilities across North America. These services help shops adopt advanced technologies, deliver higher quality repairs, showcase their quality with a third-party review process, and ultimately provide higher customer satisfaction. Every year, VeriFacts Automotive provides coaching, verification or OEM certification impacting thousands of collision repair technicians and several million vehicle repairs.

Bottom line, our team is here to help you win the big game in the collision repair industry!

Vehicle manufacturers work with VeriFacts Automotive because the right repair protects their customers and their brand value. VeriFacts Automotive has created a verified network of excellent collision repair facilities so that OEMs can trust their repair procedures are being followed. For collision repair facilities, VeriFacts Automotive helps them achieve critical OEM certifications. The VeriFacts Automotive coaches conduct thorough assessments of equipment, processes and training against OEM repair standards, and help facilities plan their investment in technology and training to achieve and maintain these certifications.

We have the coaches, the game plan and we’re ready to help you win.