Keep your network aligned with your latest repair protocols

Today’s vehicles have become and are continuing to be more technologically and structurally complex, requiring more advanced equipment and specific, multi-layered training to repair.

For repair shops, that requires a continual investment in training and equipment to stay current and certify with your OEM.

As the only independent third-party verifier of shop input and output, VeriFacts Automotive is the leader in shop certification. We tailor our assessments to your specific criteria and unique requirements, examining not only the tools and equipment used, but also the repair techniques and overall shop performance.

OEM certification lets customers know that the technicians handling their vehicle are the most qualified. It also encourages a quality repair, which keeps customers satisfied and helps a shop maintain its good reputation. Certification is an indication that a shop is committed to continuing education and providing their customers with the highest quality repairs.

VeriFacts Automotive conducts in-person and virtual OEM assessments to review, audit and coach shops as they strive toward OEM certification.