The turnkey solution for
OEM network management

For vehicle manufacturers, your shop network is an extension of your brand. A mature, optimized repair network can improve customer experience by facilitating safe, proper repairs and demonstrating ROI through key performance indicators.

VeriFacts has taken a leadership role in advising, guiding and administering many successful OEM networks.

Our network management services are all-inclusive to provide a comprehensive solution, including:

Collision landing page and application

Collision network monitor and control dashboard

Hosting network assets

Marketing support and promotion

Field staff for on-site/virtual audits

Learning management systems

Customer support services

Reporting suite

Contact us to see how VeriFacts can develop a strategic, cost-effective solution for your organization and shops with self-sustainability in mind.

“We were looking for a new partner to launch our in-house network, and ultimately chose VeriFacts because they have practical experience with OEMs. They not only verify that shops meet our requirements; they also benchmark vehicles in the process of repair to validate that work is being performed in a consistent way. That level of discipline helps our shops get better.”