Exposing Excellence In Collision Repair
VeriFacts Academy

VeriFacts offer an online curriculum to provide education and interactive demonstration on a wide variety of contemporary collision repair topics.

VeriFacts Academy courses provide a convenient, cost-effective way to keep shop personnel informed on repair methods that improve their skills and efficiency.

The goal of our Academy is to cater to all styles of learning and to introduce excellence into any situation.

We offer mastery learning, which means not only do you learn, but you are able to apply those skills on the job. One of the most exciting features of our Academy is how the system mimics a Personal Visual Tutor, through adaptive learning, our curriculum focuses on what you need to work on and celebrates where you are excelling.

Why join the Academy?

Simple. Learning has never been so inviting.

Everyone learns differently, and different paces. Our online curriculum its accessible 24\7 365 days a year, each course features audio, visuals, and text to aid in the learning process.

The platform uses the latest web technology allowing the courses to be viewed on a variety of media such as the tablets, smartphone, and laptops.

Interested, Join Now.

The VeriFacts Online Academy offers collision repair shops several options for ongoing training and education.

These options are available in person through clinics conducted by highly credentialed VeriFacts personnel, online through a self-study program and through webinars led by VeriFacts professionals, each of whom are experts in their field. The online Academy offers shop managers a convenient way to get new shop technicians up-to-speed quickly.